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Leisurely Lunch at Luce and Libations at Laurel Lake

It’s a beautiful day on Long Island’s North Fork at my husband and I are headed to lunch at one of our favorite places in Jamesport. Jedediah Hawkins Luce is a beautiful restaurant/bed and breakfast at the east end of Long Island.
They always serve fresh dishes using local ingredients and my husband and I always find something new and yummy to try. Today I started with their Corn Soup. It was made with locally grown corn and buttery lobster added to make it even more decadent.

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My husband ordered the tuna tartare – raw tuna served on a round of watermelon with a drizzle of sesame oil sauce. Heavenly!

We also indulged in a cocktail, called a Watermelon Mojito – yummy! We were served fresh baked, warm bread with freshly churned, herbed butter. It was so delicious I think I could make a meal of just the bread.

After enjoying such a great meal we drove to our favorite winery, Laurel Lake, to enjoy some music and a glass of Moscato Sparkling Wine.

We toasted to us and how lucky we are to be able to indulge in such great food and great wine, all in “our backyard.”
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Sparkling Wine for Two

Sparkling Wine for Two

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