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Quick Strawberry Yogurt Parfait

Sometimes I don’t have much time for breakfast, even on the weekends. I love yogurt and fruit parfaits and this one is not only easy, but so good. I’ve recently discovered a yogurt called Siggi’s. OMG! It’s so good. The vanilla is my favorite. It’s pretty pricey, but so worth the cost. It has vanilla beans in it!!

So I just layered strawberries, yogurt, and some Kind granola in a tall glass and voila!

Healthy Hearty Breakfast

I’m always looking for healthy, hearty breakfast meals that I can make on the weekends that will fill me up. This one fits the bill. It’s easy and isn’t something I typically have time to cook during the week, so it’s a nice treat.

I started with a couple of handfuls of baby kale (I used Trader Joe’s brand, pre-washed in a bag), added it straight into a pan with a teaspoon of avocado oil, added just a small pinch of red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. I sautéed that until just wilted. I removed it from the pan and placed it on a small plate. In the same pan I cracked in one egg and cooked on low heat until the whites set-up. Seasoned with salt and pepper to taste. Placed the egg on top and placed the lightly toasted whole grain bread on the side and ate it!


The Kale was wilted and a little crispy on the edges with a little kick of heat. I’ve also done this will baby spinach and served sliced tomatoes on the side. Hope you enjoy this meal idea.

Quick and Healthy Mexican Dinner

The meal idea I’m about to describe to you all started when I purchased a jar of Newman’s Own Pineapple Salsa.  Someone had mentioned to me that this salsa brand was very low in calories and tasted delicious!  Of course I had to try it!  After searching for and finding healthy, low carb, tasty tortillas I was ready for a Mexican Fiesta!

Knowing that I had some shrimp in the freezer and that it’s also low in calories, I had to make shrimp tacos.  First I marinated the shrimp in fresh lime juice, salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder, paprika and 1/2 a jalapeno, ribs and seeds removed, just for a few minutes while I prepared the other ingredients.  Then, I just sauteed up some sliced yellow peppers, red onion along with the marinated shrimp, piled that on a couple of tortillas I heated right on the burner of my gas stove, topped them with salsa, a dollop of sour cream, a sprinkle of green onion, rolled them up and ate them.

Absolutely delicious!  And healthy!  This was a quick and easy weeknight meal that was really packed with flavor!

I hope you give this a try using the flavors and ingredients you like.  Of course I would recommend trying the Pineapple Salsa-Enjoy!

pan of oil

Oil in a non-stick pan


Whole Wheat Tortillas



Addressing the Dressing Taste Test

Side-by-side dressing taste test.

I normally make my own salad dressing, but two bottled dressings were highly recommended by friends, so I decided to give them a side-by-side, non-blind taste test.

The dressing on the right is a poppy seed dressing that claims (written right on the bottle) to taste good poured over fresh peaches.  It is a very sweet dressing, but light in flavor.  The poppy seeds really gave it a nice, kind of, nutty flavor.

The dressing on the left is a pear gorgonzola dressing.  It sounded like an odd pairing to me, but the friend who told me about really raved about it, claiming she could drink it right from the bottle.  I thought it deserved a fair shot.  It has a slightly sweet taste, but I found the gorgonzola was very sharp, but at the same time it tasted kind of dull – no punch of flavor.  I definitely didn’t taste the pear.

So, the winner is the poppy seed salad dressing!  I’ll keep the peach idea on the back burner, as I will be traveling to the east end of Long Island this weekend and will hopefully return with a plethora of fresh, sweet, yummy peaches!!



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