Curry Butternut Squash Soup

  • 40 mins
  • 11 ingredients


  • Butternut Squash 1 large, peeled, seeded and cut into chunks
  • Chicken or Vegetable Stock 6 cups
  • Onion 1/2 large, peeled and chopped
  • Green Apple 1 peeled, cored and chopped
  • Curry Powder 2 tsp.
  • Nutmeg Freshly grated to taste
  • Salt 1 tsp.
  • Cayenne Pepper 2-3 dashes or to taste
  • Fat Free Half and Half (or regular if you want) 1/4 cup
  • Scallions 1 sliced for Garnish
  • Pepitas 1 Tbsp. for Garnish

It’s Fall and butternut squash was abundant at the Farmer’s Market this weekend. Here is an easy recipe for delicious Butternut Squash Soup:

Bring stock to a boil in a large Dutch oven.

Add squash, onion and apple to the pot. Reduce heat and simmer, partially covered, for about 20-25 minutes until squash is tender.

Once the squash is tender, turn off heat and let cool for a few minutes.

Puree soup with an immersion blender until smooth. Stir in the half and half, curry powder, salt, nutmeg, and cayenne.

Turn heat back on to medium and simmer soup for about 5 minutes. Garnish and serve immediately.

This soup also freezes well. Cool the soup completely and pour in plastic freezer-safe containers (leaving off the garnishes until you are ready to serve). Defrost frozen soup in the refrigerator and heat slowly in a soup pot, you may need to add a little water and/or half and half while re-heating. Garnish and enjoy.

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