Beurre Blanc sauce (white wine butter sauce)

  • 40 mins
  • 6 ingredients


  • yellow onion or a shallot 1/4 cup
  • white wine vinegar 1/4 cup
  • dry white wine 1/4cup
  • butter, unsalted 1 cup
  • cream 1tbsp
  • salt and black pepper to taste

Beurre Blanc sauce (white wine sauce)


  1. In a 4 cup sauce pan, simmer onion or shallot, vinegar, and wine on medium heat till reduced to 1/2 (onion/shallots should not take on a color, but just favor the sauce).
  2. Turn heat to high, whisk while adding in butter.
  3. after butter is melted and everything has come together.
  4. add in cream and salt and pepper to taste.
  5. Strain the sauce.

This is sauce is great with white fish/chicken/pork.

*thanks to for the class on mother sauces.

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