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Savory Seafood at Sage Cafe

Oh my goodness, if you’ve never had steamed little neck clams in a yummy, garlicky broth, you haven’t lived!! Tonight my husband and I enjoyed a quick dinner at the Sage Cafe in Bayport, NY.  I especially love their steamed clams in basil garlic broth.  It’s simple, but so tasty, I want to lick the bowl!  The clams are steamed in a light broth with numerous amounts of garlic slices and a huge handful of chopped basil.  I love the clams, but I almost can’t wait to finish them so I can soak up that warm broth with the yummy, toasted garlic bread they serve with the clams.


steamed Clams

Steamed Clams in Basil Garlic Broth


Grey Horse Tavern on a Grey Day

Crab Cake and Squash Soup

Crab Cake and Summer Squash Soup

Today my husband and I decided to pop into the Grey Horse Tavern for a last minute, late lunch.  We both started with their soup special, “Crab Cake and Summer Squash Soup.”  I was surprised my husband ordered soup, he never gets soup…Anyway, it was a light cream based soup chock full of bits of crab meat, yellow and green squash and sweet summer corn.  It was a nice start to our meal.  Very understated, but flavorful.


Turkey Club Sandwich

Turkey Club Sandwich

This is my turkey club sandwich.  It was very fresh and the whole grain toasted bread had lots of seeds – I like that.











My husband ordered this special sandwich – it’s their Grilled Swordfish Sandwich with baby spinach, hot cherry peppers

(the reason I didn’t order it) and a parmesan aioli with a balsamic drizzle. That’s homemade coleslaw on the side.


Swordfish Sandwich

Swordfish Sandwich with Homemade Coleslaw

My husband and I don’t usually order dessert, but for some reason he asked to “look” at the menu.  Well, the first thing we both noticed about the dessert menu was that it contained many local items including Miss Amy’s Preserves and Ms. Michelle’s Gluten-Free desserts.  We couldn’t resist sharing the first item on the menu, “Beignets with Tahitian Vanilla Gelato, and Miss Amy’s Raspberry Preserves.  When the warm fried balls of dough, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, arrived at our table, with three small bowls of dippers – the gelato, chocolate ganache, and Miss Amy’s Preserves (a jelly maker from Blue Point) the smell was heavenly.  We’ve had the delight of tasting the original beignets from New Orleans – in comparison these weren’t the same, but came pretty close and the dippers brought them over the top!

Fried Benets

Fried Beignets

If you are ever find yourself in Bayport, New York (Long Island) you have to make a point of visiting The Grey Horse Tavern.

Lunch at Luce

smoked salmon tartine

Smoked Salmon Tartine

So, our trip to the East End of Long Island was awesome!  And, yes, I did buy some peaches among some other fresh veggies and fruit.  More about that later.  We began our day at Luce & Hawkins in Jamesport.  It’s a beautiful restaurant that my husband and I discovered through Open Table.  This was our 5th or 6th visit (my husband and I disagree with the number of times we’ve eaten there).  We started our meal with a shared appetizer of something called, “Smoked Salmon Tartine.”  Wow, what a pretty plate.  It consisted of smoked salmon a top a thick slice of crusty bread with a smear of wasabi mayonnaise on the bottom. Along side was finely minced hardboiled egg, a spoonful of steel headed caviar (as we were told by our server) and a light carrot and radish salad.  The steelheaded caviar are the tiny bright orange balls you sometimes see served with sushi and are like little bursts of extreme fish flavor that burst in your mouth and they really complimented the smoked salmon nicely.

Farro Risotto with Summer Squash

For lunch I ordered the Farro Risotto with Summer Squash.  Another beautiful presentation.  The Farro was mixed with typical rice-style risotto with plenty of
parmesan cheese.  This was garnished with fresh, lightly steam zucchini, sweet cherry tomatoes and local yellow and white corn cut off of the cob.  The zucchini and tomatoes were picked straight from the restaurant’s garden behind the building.  The corn, I was told, was harvested straight from a local farm.  You can’t get any fresher than that!!

Striped Bass with Israeli Couscous

Striped Bass with Israeli Couscous

My husband ordered the special fish entree, Striped Bass with Israeli Couscous.  He like his meal so much, he wouldn’t share!

Now that we were fully nourished, we’re off to shop the local farm stands.  Stay tuned…

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